Friday, January 5, 2018

Queerying Epiphany Music

Epiphany and the season after it are upon us!  As with Christmas, I've made a playlist!  There are some songs that are familiar to me, having grown up in the church.  Songs like We Three Kings and the First Noel will show up a few different times in this playlist.  In this playlist there are also other songs, some I found on my own and some that were suggested by friends.  

Unlike my Christmas playlist, this playlist is intentionally organized.  It begins from the perspective of the wise ones, or magi, includes their whole journey and the fall-out in the Slaughter of the Holy Innocents, and moves into Jesus' Baptism and the season after Epiphany, a season characterized by more light coming into the world as well as glimpses of God's glory being made manifest in the ordinary of life.  The playlist ends with Transfiguration, which we celebrate the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. 

My playlists are never set in stone.  Like a good Lutheran, the canon on my seasonal playlists remains open.  Feel free to suggest additional songs or ask me why I picked certain ones (it may just be the title...or the actual lyrics.  Rarely, if ever, will the answer be the tune...I just don't know how to music like that).  Check out the playlist here:

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