Sunday, January 14, 2018

3rd after epiphany year b - 1 corinthians

1 Corinthians 7:29-31
29I mean, siblings,
     the appointed time has grown short;
     from now on,
          let even those who are married be 
               as though they were not,
          30and those who mourn 
               as though they were not mourning,
          and those who rejoice 
               as though they were not rejoicing,
          and those who buy 
               as though they had no possessions, 
          31and those who deal with the world 
               as though they had no dealings with it.
                    For the present form of this world is passing away.

Queeries for the text:
How short is the time?  An inch?  A foot?  A minute?  A mile?
How do you act as though you weren't married?  No sex?  Lots of sex?  Move out?  Break family ties?  Give back the wedding presents?  
Does Paul want us to live into our truer selves with respect to consensual sexual desires and forego the pressure the dominant culture places on what counts as "appropriate"?
If we can't mourn or rejoice, how should we feel?
How do you act as if you have no possessions?
How do you not deal with this world?
What is it about the present form that is passing away?
Is the old form done yet?
Can we burn it all down now?

What are your queeries?

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