River Needham, MA

ID: River Needham, M.A. has shoulder length fiery red hair, and is wearing purple themed makeup, including a royal purple lipstick. Chunky silver-colored necklaces can be seen around her neck, as can her black dress and purple sweater. The purple sweater matches her lip color.  Her face is in a neutral expression, and her eyes are focused outward.
River Needham, MA (she/her) queeries the Tanakh reading for Queerying the Text. River earned her Bachelor of Arts from Luther College in 2011, and earned her Master of Arts in 2019 from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago; her summative evaluation was titled Transgender Lifecycle Rituals: Christian and Christopagan Resources for the Journey. She continues her doctoral studies at LSTC. River's areas of interest include Tanakh, ritual, transgender studies and theological anthropology. Her experience in diverse religious communities and her commitment to interfaith dialogue and religious diversity show up throughout her Queeries. Although Queerying is focused in the Christian tradition, River intentionally and regularly brings Wiccan, Jewish, and Islamic texts, theologies, and philosophies into the conversation. You may find her on Twitter, on Facebook, and email at: RiverNeedham (at) RiverNeedham.org.