Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Queerying Holy Trinity C as Protest

ID: an interpretation of Rublev's icon of the Trinity, Kelly Latimore's Trinity depicts three angelic figures holding hands and seated at a table set with grapes and wheat on a rainbow tablecloth.  The person on the left has a medium-dark tone skin, loose, dark curly or wavy hair in a braid down the back, and a reddish pink robe while their free hand is palm up with thumb and middle finger touching and index finger extended; the middle person has dark skin and dreadlocks that fall to the shoulder with deep maroon clothing and a light blue fabric covering it on the right; the person on the right has medium-light skin, straight, black hair pulled back in a bun, and light blue clothing and a green fabric covering it on the right while their free hand rests on their knee, open and facing palm up.

The following Call to Worship and Opening Prayer are inspired by the Romans 5 reading for Holy Trinity in Year C as part of a series on Protest as Worship for Trinity Las Americas United Methodist Church.

ID: three Black and disabled friends (a non-binary person with a cane and tangle stim toy, a non-binary person sitting in a power wheelchair, and an invisibly disabled woman) smiling and taking a cell phone selfie together. All are outdoors in front of a white wall.
Call to Worship

We gather in relationship
The dance of the Trinity dances among us.

We gather for relationship
The dance of the Trinity calls us to a global dance.

We gather through faithfulness, seeking righteousness and grace.
God’s love pours into us through the Holy Spirit.

Through the Trinity God binds us one to the other
Your suffering is my suffering; their suffering is my suffering.

God calls us into relationship with our neighbors--known and unknown.
Relationship invites us into solidarity.

Solidarity gives purpose to suffering so that suffering might produce endurance.
The “suffering with” of solidarity’s endurance produces character, and character hope.

The hope of solidarity is the hope of faithfulness to God in relationship
The hope of the Trinity liberates us for the dance of collective freedom, the dance of the Trinity.

ID: two people, one on the left with dark skin, dark curly hair, and a beard and one on the right with dark skin, close-cropped black hair, glasses, and a large hoop earring, share a kiss.

Opening Prayer
Triune God,
Your existence danced the world into existence. Together you Create, Liberate, and Empower. You invite us into the deep relationship that is the heart of who you are. You are the love that grounds us, that becomes us, and that inspires us. Bring us into relationship with you and with our neighbor. Transform our relationships with others to provoke solidarity, inspiring our collective struggle for justice. Root our worship in protest and our protest in worship as we root ourselves in you. We pray in the name of our God who is Justice, Organizer, and Protest.

ID: three dark brown people float above and in rainbow lines of color like an ocean with a light blue line coming out and down from them, evoking the shape of a bird.


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