Tuesday, October 23, 2018

a blessing for those beyond the binary

At the beginning of October, I was in Chicago for our Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries in-person board meeting.  After the meeting, I stayed in Chicago for a few extra days to visit friends.  One of the stores I went to had two free items:

When I picked them out I had no idea how life-giving they would become in just a few weeks.

This last month has been filled with complicated feelings from the joys and struggles of Coming Out Day to the administration’s racist and transphobic policies, plans, and actions, and yet this sticker and this button bring me back to the love of the One who loves me best and remind me of the importance of blessings and affirmation.  So, I have a blessing for my fellow beloveds.


To you beloved children of God who are intersex, trans, gender expansive, and gender nonconforming:

May the Holy One who celebrates the gifts of Joseph, whose beautiful dress bore the full diversity of rainbow colors and whose dreams stretched beyond their imagining, bring you energy and empower your resistance to what this administration intended for harm.

May the Spirit who poured Herself out on the Ethiopian Eunuch, whose gender and sex helped them break down binaries and break open the church’s barriers, pour over you, breaking through every barrier that keeps you from wholeness.

May the Divine One who brought into being the very first of humanity—the intersex human from humus, the earthling from the earth—renew your connection not only to the dirt of the earth, but also to the stardust scattered throughout the cosmos, which join together to form you.  May this Divine One, whose image you bear, breathe new life into you.

May the Word made flesh, who transgresses boundaries between human and divine, who comes to us as Jesus, born of the woman Mary through the power of that high femme Holy Spirit, spur you to action and nourish you for the struggle to come.

May the One who created and creates you, who loves your whole self, who loves who you are and who you are becoming, who loves the power you hold to transform the broken world in which we all live—may this One wrap you in love that seeps to the deepest core of your being.

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