Tuesday, May 8, 2018

queerying ascending pentecost music

Ascension and Pentecost are almost upon us and I've cultivated another playlist! 

As with past playlists, the music comes from a variety of styles, queerying the boundaries that we have set up between what is deemed "religious," "secular," and even "profane."  This is definitely a labor of love for me as I am not very musically oriented and I am very grateful to friends and colleagues who have suggested songs for this list.

Ascension and Pentecost are unique days in the church year.  On Ascension we remember after Jesus' resurrection when they promised the coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) to the apostles and then ascended into heaven, as told in Acts 1:1-11.  You'll probably notice this most clearly in the titles of the songs.  On Pentecost, we celebrate the birthday of the church, when the Holy Spirit blew into the locked and fearful room of the disciples like wind and fire and blessed them with the gift to preach the Good News in many languages (inspiring others to think they were drunk), as told in Acts 2:1-21.  Many of my favorite themes for Pentecost are made clear in the titles of the songs, though not exclusively there! 

While this playlist is quite intentional, it is also always a work in progress.  So, similar to Holy Week, but unlike Lent, it would probably be better if not set to shuffle, so that you can move with the playlist from Ascension into Pentecost.  If you want to listen to the songs associated with each day separately, check out this Ascension playlist and this Pentecost playlist, which you are welcome to put on shuffle or leave in order!  Because it is an ongoing work in progress, I am always open to more suggestions, so let me know if you have any songs that I should add to the list or questions about what is on the list or why!

In case you missed the other links, check out the playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/22zoaq4yqbmnlyw5dfzp4mfty/playlist/1n7a7MsnTqmrdAaFfGfjMX

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