Saturday, March 31, 2018

Queerying Easter Music

The season of Easter is upon us and I've cultivated another playlist!

As with past playlists, the music comes from a variety of styles, queerying the boundaries that we have set up between what is deemed "religious," "secular," and even "profane."  This is definitely a labor of love for me as I am not particularly musically oriented and I am very grateful to friends and colleagues who have suggested songs for this list.

The themes of Easter that I focused on for this playlist are: death, evil, and sin not having the final word; love and new life; hope; embodiment; surprising grace; stubborn resilience, even in the presence of death and destruction; God's reign on earth; the queerness and rainbow of resurrection; butterflies; arrival, emptiness, and empty tombs.  Some of these themes are more prevalent than others, but all of them were in my heart when cultivating.

While the playlist is quite intentional, the order isn't.  So, unlike Holy Week, but similar to Lent, it would probably be better if set to shuffle.  As always, it is an ongoing work in progress, so let me know if you have any suggestions to add to the list or questions about what is on the list or why!

In case you missed the other links, check out my Easter playlist here:

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