Grounds for Gratitude

I am deeply grateful for many people who have supported me, affirmed this queer call to ministry, and worked with me to make it happen.

I am supremely grateful for River Needham, who has been a partner in queerying and a cheerleader extraordinaire. I am also deeply greatful for Pace Warfield-May, who has been a guest queerier and is now queerying the Narrative Lectionary. Brooke McLain and Suzannah Porter get gratitude for the magical musicality they bring to queerying as well.

I am deeply grateful for my Patreon patrons.  In addition to receiving early access to some content and other bonus content and opportunities, supporters get a specific mention here.

Stellar supporters for our queeries are:
Anitta Milloro
David Webb
Lauren V

You could be on this list as well!

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